The 27th ASEAN Federation of Cardiology Congress (AFCC 2023)




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13:20-13:22 Introduction
Dr. Sootkeng MA (National Heart Association of Malaysia)
13:22-13:37 Advances in management of long QT syndrome and torsades de points
Dr. TRAN Tuan Viet (Vietnam National Heart Institute, Hanoi, VIETNAM)
13:37-13:47 Torsades de points related to quinolon in an elderly patient: A case report
Dr. HOANG Minh Viet (Friendship Hospital, Hanoi, VIETNAM)
13:47-13:57 A rare case of QTc interval prolongation after a cerebellar infarct: A case report
Dr. Michael A. Bonilla (University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Manila, PHILIPPINES)
13:57-14:02 Panel discussion, Q&A
14:02-14:05 Wrap-up and summary
Dr. PHAM Nhu Hung (Hanoi Heart Hospital, Hanoi, VIETNAM)

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